Robb Bower Present the Julian Blues Bash

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We had a GREAT event!

See you next year!!

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February 18th, 2017

Hello Again fellow Bluesheads !!

Welcome to our 18th year of celebrating the Blues together !! This year we have a real musical treat in store for our entire extended Blues Family !! This year we welcome ...Mr Kim Simmonds & Savoy Brown to our humble Julian Blues stage !! Having seen them a year or so ago at The Mississippi River Valley Bluesfest in Davenport Iowa, my mind was made up !! They were opening for Kenny Wayne Sheppard, and they blew me away !! We had to get them to Julian !! Mission Accomplished !! Kim will be playing all of his hits and rocking his *ss off for us be sure !! Buckle in !! The ONLY 2016 Southern California Performance... of the band !! We've got 'em !! Hell Yeah !! Rock'n'Roll !!

Our next Guest Performers are... The Alastair Greene Band from Los Angeles . I first heard and met Alastair at Harrah's a few months ago when he was performing and handling all the guitar parts for The Alan Parson's Project. Incredible show, incredible guitar prowess !! He impressed me so much with all of the different styles he was comfortable with ...staying true to the bands original songs, but adding his own special touch to each of them as well !! Very well done !! Later that evening we shared a late night meal and I told him about our Julian gig ... he was up for it ...and this year we have him !! Kudos !! Soon you'll see what I'm talking about !! Whoa !!

Having decided that this was the year to ..." mix it up " some ...I thought ...what fun it would be to invite Jerry Raney and The Farmers up to our 'lil mountain par`te ! There is never a 'dull moment' when The Farmers take the stage... a spontaneous explosion of musical fun, that begs you to get up on your feet and dance !! Having a combination of Rock , Country, and Blues I'm sure we'll all enjoy the shenanigans of the Farmers !! All aboard !!

The McCoy Brothers have been crafting their own style of Southern California - Southern Fried Country Rock for awhile now. My fellow McCoy Brothers and I, aim to tear it up for you more time !!

This year our 'Back Porch' stage will be manned by no other than ...The Jerry 'Hot Rod" DeMink Band ! Jerry & Co. have entertained all over, they've surprised and have blown away many observers that have seen their show. This little 3 piece band is gonna knock you out!! They're so damn good, and when you get to see Jerry spin on his head playing his guitar...not missing a will be mystified as was I !! ...#Hired !!

In the past years we've had the opportunity to feature some really great young, talented and upcoming musicians... We've happily heard them pick up the Blues gauntlet and carry on the Blues tradition with talent and pride... this year is one of those years folks...We will open our show and feature ...'The Kids are Alright' They consist of : Anthony ' The Fallbrook Kid' Cullins on guitar, Serena Geroe on guitar, Benji Davis on guitar, Angelica Pruitt on bass, and Wesley Biasi on percussion. These young talented musicians are certain to get your toe a tappin' and surely will bring a smile to your they did mine !!

Well's been a tough year for losing some of our childhood Rock Star friends...we will always listen to and cherish the gift of their music. But...time waits for no let's get out there, support live music our family and friends and... live our lives each day... like they may be our last !!

Love, Peace and Light !! See Y'all on the mountain...

The Robbster

Gates open at 10:00 a.m.

** Festival Music starts at 11:00 a. m with ...

'The Kids are Alright' featuring :
Anthony Cullins, Serena Geroe, Angelica Pruitt
Wesley Biasi, and Benji Davis

The McCoy Brothers Band
12:15 - 1:15

The Farmers
1:30 - 2:45

The Alastair Greene Band
3:00 - 4:15

** Guitar Give Away **
4:15 - 4:30

Kim Simmonds & Savoy Brown
4:30 - 6:00

"The Back Porch Stage" manned all day long by
The Jerry 'Hot Rod' DeMink Band

All Star Jam Session
6:15 - 6:30

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